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Many of us do not realize that we may like to act; for a few of us, acting may be a passion. Whatever acting means to you – fun or passion, here is a program that is tailored just for you.

Indira School of Communication (ISC) a part of Shree Chanakya Education Society's Indira Group of Institutes (Est. 1994) announces its Acting Academy. Designed both for fresh, debutante actors as well as those with experience, this Academy provides actors with modern on-camera acting techniques rooted in time-honored theatrical traditions. Discover acting in its most developed form.

Discover the actor within you !

Golden Words

An actor is born as an actor. True. But a good actor evolves after skillful training and guidance. In a world full of competition and rat race, it is a great help to groom the natural actor within to achieve the fullest potential.

Luckily, India is endowed with a rich and vibrant film and entertainment industry. We have the world’s largest entertainment industry in terms of volume. It goes without saying that nurturing the right talent goes a long way in achieving your dreams in the world of entertainment.

The Acting Academy at Indira School of Communication is a sincere effort to bring out the best in aspiring actors. Thanks to a great infrastructure, experienced faculty members and a congenial environment, the Academy is a promising destination.

Welcome aboard!

Renu Garg

jackie shroff
Renu Garg, Director


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